Our Story

The last few years around the world have been exhausting, mystifying and in many ways depressing. With the success of Trumpism and Brexit, it was easy to see that the masses were fed up.

No longer would they consider the “facts” that these snobbish “experts” emphasized. Instead, they would believe their own opinions to be just as equal in credibility, as the facts these experts presented.

In addition to this anti-intellectual movement, there was a sense of dissatisfaction that has taken effect. Many feel out of touch and disappointed by the actions of governments with regard to their well being.

I am no ideologue, every ideology has its flaw. I believe that facts speak louder than emotions, even if facts do not concur with the emotive response our guts squeal. 

Unfortunately, the rise of fake news has dampened this belief in many of my peers. This grim world of post-truth has presented myself and my colleagues an opportunity to take up arms against anti-intellectualism.

The Black Sheep concept, therefore, was created by myself in October of 2017. It is intended to act as a medium to engage with current affairs through reason, objectivity, and critical thought.

In addition, we are keen creative writers and admirers of the arts, and so offer our own original artistic content as well.

We hope you enjoy our work.

Best wishes,

Isocrates II

Featured Image used courtesy of Martin Shovel via thenorwichradical.com