Emerging From the Crowd

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Nothing would ever be the same for him. Seeing her made him realise the meaning of existing. He had emerged from the crowd accepting his strengths and his weaknesses, all so that he could be noticed, by her. 

“She was far from ordinary. I mean not to imply any negative sense of the term when describing her character.

I have a passionate distaste for anything ordinary. Ordinary to me means self-doubt. Being normal simply implies the choice of not exceeding one’s potential, bowing down instead to the flow of the river like a drowned fish.

No one is perfect – she was no exception.

What drove me crazy about her was the defiance she espoused in the face of society. She would not submit.

Her personality remained unchanged to her surroundings.

Her actions reflected a lack of self-doubt.

“I have no chance, not with her.” I would tell myself. She was intelligent, gorgeous, provocative, yet gentle.

I was basic. With all the girls I had claimed, none were like her.

I enjoyed that.

Her attitude, the attitude she exemplified with each passing day, made me realise how wrong I was. Even if in my eyes I was right.

She opened my eyes to the world. A world I had once looked down upon through a lens compatible with that of nihilism and skepticism. Now it had transformed. Into one of beauty, naked with opportunity and the love I had for so long ignored.

She reminded me from time to time life was hard. Yet guided me into realising that the pain was worthwhile.

She was my life, my sadness, my insecurities, my joy, my pride, my closure, and my love.”

Emerging from the crowd to see her better, was the best decision he would ever make. 


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